How Does Head To Head Categories Work In Fantasy Basketball?

Head-to-head category is the most popular type of head-to-head play in fantasy basketball. You set number of statistical categories (i.e., points, rebounds, assists) to compete in. Teams accumulate totals in each category during the scoring period, resulting in wins, losses, or ties in each category based on matchup results (i.e., 6-3-0 in a 9-category league).

In standard fantasy basketball leagues, it's typical to have 8 or 9 different categories, known as 9-Category and 8-Category leagues, respectively.

In a 9-Category league, the categories typically include:
  1. Field Goal Percentage (FG%)
  2. Free Throw Percentage (FT%)
  3. 3-Pointers Made (3PM)
  4. Rebounds (REB)
  5. Assists (AST)
  6. Steals (STL)
  7. Blocks (BLK)
  8. Turnovers (TO)
  9. Points (PTS)

Meanwhile, in an 8-Category league, Turnovers (TO) are usually excluded from the scoring system.

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