Funniest Last Place Fantasy Hockey Punishments

With the 2024 fantasy hockey playoffs just four weeks away, the competition for supremacy and the league's top award is heating up. And if you're still in need of an award, we've got you covered with the best fantasy hockey trophies. While the Championship Trophy takes center stage, let's not forget about the lighter side—the funniest last-place fantasy hockey punishments for the unfortunate loser in your league.

If you haven't settled on a punishment yet, fear not! Below, we've curated some of the most amusing last-place fantasy hockey punishments to shame the unfortunate member of your friend group:

1. The loser must endure a 12-hour stay at Tim Hortons. For every 10 timbits consumed, 15 minutes are deducted from their sentence.


2. The loser must take a polar bear plunge each day for an entire week.

Polar Bear Plunge

3. The loser must lick a frozen pole and remain attached for 30 minutes, all while wearing an outfit selected by the league winner.

4. The loser must purchase the same jacket that Justin Bieber sported during the all-star weekend, regardless of the price. 

justin bieber jacket on all star weekend

5. The loser must spend an entire week in Saskatoon.

These punishments are sure to add an extra dose of hilarity to your fantasy hockey league, ensuring that the loser truly feels the sting of defeat. And if you end up winning your fantasy hockey league, you need to rub it in with a fantasy hockey trophy from TrophyTitan. 

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